Thursday, September 30, 2010


My husband surprised me with both a baby shower and my little sister this week. My sister rocks. Like reaaaally rocks. She gave me about 20 R's for my nursery wall and then helped me decorate them all afternoon on Tuesday. 
I love each and every one of them.

Today is my birthday. I'm 31. So far my 30's have been exponentially better than my 20's. After a fantastic week off, today I worked a nine hour day and came home to take out, a DVR full of good TV, my hottie husband and this gorgeous ring. Happy Birthday to ME!

As though my husband hadn't already sealed the deal on husband of the year with the baby shower, the sister, and the birthday present. I also came home to find out he finished staining and applying the poly to the babies' dresser AND moved it upstairs into their room. 

The dresser started out as an old, unfinished pine dresser that I've had for ten years. No before picture; trust me, this is a marked improvement. And I'm loving the nursery as its coming together. Now if I could just get better at taking pictures so that I can more accurately (and beautifully) show off his handy work. But a girl can only be good at so many things, right? (I kid.)

Oh, and I completely realize that green bin does not match the other greens in the room. What can I say? I tried. I'm going to recover it with spare fabric leftover from when I was picking material for the twins' crib skirts. Speaking of crib skirts, I found a company (Javis Davis) online and the owner is too sweet for words and they had our fabric in stock and custom crib bedding was ridiculously reasonable. So I ordered their crib skirts today and we should have them in a few weeks. Cannot wait for that. 

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