Saturday, August 21, 2010

Picking A Glider

I found a chair company I like, a lot. Now my biggest problem is that I can't decide which glider I like better. I've only gotten to sit in the "Sarah" but I sat in a few other chairs from this company (Four Seasons Furniture) and they are all super comfy, so I don't think I can make a bad choice.

This is the "Sarah" which I got to sit in yesterday.
We'd actually get this in an XL as it is a bit taller and wider.

Sarah: 34L x 35D x 36H

The other chair I like is called the Taylor. I like the shape and I love that it's wider, taller and deeper. But I'd have to order it sight unseen, which is never easy to do. I think the fabric that they show it in doesn't do this chair justice. I guess I think it looks a little feminine and old fashioned. But fabric changes everything.

Taylor: 36L x 36D x 39H

So which do you like better? The Sarah or the Taylor?
I suck at making decisions. Although I did decide on a slipcover fabric (go me!)

The pattern is called "Baldwin" and we chose  "Celery" as the color.
Here's a crappy iPhone photo of the fabric with our crib skirt.

If you're interested in Four Seasons furniture you can find them online at Layla Grace and Posh Tots. If you'd like to find a dealer in your area, their website is not helpful at all! Call them during normal business hours and they'll be able to help you find a reseller in your area (336) 873-7520.

And don't forget to help me pick!
Sarah XL or Taylor???

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