Friday, July 30, 2010

Fabric Score

I just got 2 yards of this Charlotte Moss fabric and I couldn't be more in love with it - total cost $11. Yup, I know! It's a gorgeous navy and white linen, and it's either going to find its way into the nursery or into our basement which is in the planning stages for finishing right now. I purchased the fabric on One Kings Lane and was able to use a $25 referral credit I had toward the purchase (thanks Kate!) 

If you don't already subscribe to OKL emails, here's an invitation to do so. That site has some seriously good deals on gorgeous stuff for your home. 

And if you know me and my curtain debacles, yes those are the infamous Arklow Paisley panels hanging in the guest bedroom formerly known as the mancave (RIP). I sold four of the panels and kept two hoping I could make them work somewhere in my house. 

Sorry for the bad lighting, I know I have sick photography skills. Jealous? Oh and don't mind the turtle tank and the random furniture in the middle of the room either. We managed to paint this room and hang these panels and that's as far as we've gotten. We have a painter coming in to do the trim starting next week, which is why everything upstairs is hari kari. 

I think these panels look SO much better with white walls (BM's floral white) than they did in our living room against the darker walls (BM's spice gold). Plus, I think one window of a large scale patterned fabric is all this girl can handle. 

I'm happy and they're finally staying put.

Once the trim is painted I'll move the rest of the furniture over, move Ike (the turtle) to his new permanent home and take better pictures, pinky promise.

Oh, and speaking of the nursery…rumor has it that we'll be able to find out the babies' gender on Tuesday. I'm literally counting down the seconds. I've decided to have the crib bumpers and skirts made since I can't find anything I like online and I'm heading to Osgood's to look for fabrics in two weeks if anyone wants to join me. I'll even treat you to lunch. Let me know!

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