Monday, May 24, 2010

Weeks 14-17 Resolution Recipes & Review

Oh man, I've been a slacker. We cooked weeks 14 and 16, but I forgot to log it and I don't even remember what we made. I know it was a lot of repeater recipes. Week 15 was IVF week and we ate takeout a lot.

So on to week 17 where we cooked a TON of amazing food. I love trying new recipes and and actually loving them.

Amazeballs. So good we made it TWICE last week. The key to this is going to a butcher (not the grocery store, a real butcher) and buying skirt steak. And don't skip the grilled lemon halves. Oh my god. You'll thank me, I promise.


The chicken was just a basic grilled chicken, but the marinade was super yummy and very versatile. I'll be using it all summer, definitely. Buy skin on bone in chicken, as it grills better.

The pasta salad was hands on for about 30 minutes. But worth the effort. Super hearty and so fresh. We've been shopping only local ingredients lately so this salad really let the veggies shine. Good, good, good.


This is basically just grilled swordfish, but the dipping sauce is amazing. Don't taste it on it's own, it's kind of weird as a standalone sauce. But on the fish it's superb. We'll be using this sauce all summer, definitely.

The risotto was another chance to use up some local veggies and it was REALLY good. I'm not normally a risotto fan, but the veggies got me.

Another fabulous excuse to use up veggies from our local farmer's market. I used store bought whole wheat pizza dough. Instead of grilling the dough, I greased a cookie sheet with EVOO and baked the crust in the oven. Then we put the finished pizza on the grill to melt the cheese. Bad idea because I had oiled the dough, it burned on the bottom. Next time I will just melt the cheese in the oven.

The key to this is good fontina cheese. We went to our local COOP and bought amazing cheese and it made this dish. Otherwise it would have been just a burnt pizza with veggies.

Meh. This was just okay. I am not a big fan of bacon. And I have about 1000 seared scallop recipes that I like much better than this one. Of note, if you are in the Capital Region, Two Cousins has the most amazing scallops in store right now. They were delish. I will make scallops again this week just to buy those again. HUGE and sweet. Yum.

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