Sunday, May 2, 2010

IVF #2 Update

Sorry for the lack of updating on the IVF front for all of you friends that monitor me through this blog. We had our first follicle check on Wednesday morning and saw 7 follicles in the making and were elated.

Friday's follicle check revealed 9 follicles and we were told to come back again Saturday (yesterday) to check our levels. On Saturday I had 9 or 10 mature follicles with another 5 or 6 that are smaller. We had hoped to stim for another day to let the little buggers catch up, but my progesterone already started rising (a sign that my body is trying to take over this ship) and so we triggered Saturday night.

I'm disappointed that we didn't capture 15 eggs before trigger, but I couldn't be happier with our on-paper yield. Power of intention and positive thinking is what I'm focusing on today.

My retrieval is tomorrow and we have requested to do a 5 day transfer (for moral and emotional reasons), so that will be next Saturday May 8.

For the time being I've taken the week off of work. I may not need to be out the entire time. Mom's coming up to be my ride home from the retrieval because Joe couldn't get out of work.

I'm excited, but more than anything ready to be done with this cycle. We booked a ticket for me to go to Denver with Joe (who will be there on business) during the two week wait and I'm relieved to be able to do that with him. Hopefully the time will pass quickly.

And here's a pretty, because nothing is worth writing if it's not accompanied by eye candy.

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