Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nine Years

Today is the husband's and my nine year anniversary. We met April Fool's Day 2001. Joke was on him right? We were both seniors in college. I had been a sorority girl and even though I dropped pin I still kept in touch with girls from the house. I helped to set one of the girls up with a bartender friend of mine for their spring Screw Your Sister party. Unfortunately for her, put out the night before the party and he called her the day of the party saying he had to work.

She blamed me for her not having a date and forced me to go to the party with her so she didn't have to go alone.

Joe was a lacrosse player (of the Syracuse variety). Hot commodity on campus. He got sucked into going to the Screw Your Sister as a pledge's date for a mutual friend, Lainie. Lainie was dating a football player that was being drafted by the NFL at the time and so her boyfriend was in town for the first time after having been away for two weeks.

Joe saw me from across the bar (magical, isn't it?) and asked Lainie to introduce him to me. To which she replied, trust me she's bad news, you don't want to know her. Can you die? Anywho, he insisted and she came up to me and said I have a friend that wants to meet you, can you entertain him? He's driving me crazy and James is in town (the NFL boyfriend). To which I replied, I'm not going to sleep with your friend just because your boyfriend is in town. (Can you double die?)

I met Joe and we quickly decided that the Screw Your Sister was lame, so we headed out to Senior Sunday at Faegans (which means nothing to you if you didn't go to Syracuse). He even bummed a cigarette off of me and tried to smoke it to impress me. Silly boy. Anyway, we stayed up that night until 5 or 6 just talking and I went home, didn't even give him a goodnight kiss.

I told my mom the next day that I met a boy, but that he wasn't my type. She asked why and I said that I thought he was too nice and a little lame. She told me that I never give the nice guys a chance and I quote, "let him take you out to dinner, you don't have to marry him."

This is from the first time I let him take me out to dinner. We were engaged 4 years later, married 2 years after that, and this summer we'll celebrate three years of wedded bliss. Where does the time go?

Happy April Fools Day everyone.
I hope the universe plays a wonderful little joke on you today too.

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