Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bungalow 5

I've been getting promotional emails from Bungalow 5 lately advertising their new line. Exciting as it gives me something to do other than work. However, this morning I was a little shocked when this ad came through for the Niagara 3-drawer dresser.

Why was I shocked? 

Because it looks just like this Ikea Hack done by Penny People Designs (featured on Little Green Notebook  in December). This is the remake of an Ikea Rast 3-drawer chest which costs $39.99, probably a hair cheaper than the Bungalow 5 version. 

Now what's weird to me is that this hack existed BEFORE the Bungalow 5 dresser was created. Maybe the folks over at B5 saw this Ikea Hack and thought: "hey, I know how to make that more expensive!"

Weird, right?

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