Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Summer Vacation Booked

This will be our fourth summer in Nantucket.

We spent half of our honeymoon there in 2007...

after getting evacuated from Belize by a Category 5 hurricane

we didn't love Nantucket as much the first year

but can you blame us?
We had just been evacuated from our own private island.

For the last two years we've rented the same house.

But last year it was sold and the
new owners didn't maintain the home as well.

So we found a new place to stay this summer.

It's an adorable cottage with french doors to an enclosed slate patio.

One week of waking up and running, sitting on a patio and drinking coffee,
going to the beach, barbecuing, and heading into town for ice cream.

Life. Simpler.

My kind of heaven.

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