Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Freezing and flexible

Over the weekend, we went to Quebec City
and stayed here

and saw this

{ sorry for the blurry photo it was all I could get before the show started }

it was a lovely trip,
aside from the fact that it was -27 degrees C
which translates to -16.6 degrees F the night of the show
and -19 C/-2 F the morning after

Joe thought the it was only a 4 hour trip there
it was actually just over 6
I made him promise he'd never keep me in a car that long again.
I would have taken pictures of the drive,
there was nothing but dead trees and pine trees for SIX hours.

But once we got there
and stayed inside
we had a wonderful time

and ate a ton of delicious food.
Unfortunately the only meal I remembered to photograph was breakfast.
But trust me dinner was amazing.

If you haven't seen Cirque yet, they are still touring the US and Canada.
Worth every cent, the show was incredible.

Maybe we'll revisit Quebec City again.
In the summer.
And we'll fly this time.

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