Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Last month Decorno posted a link to this
Home and Garden Feature in the NYT.

The premise: late 20's newly-married couple
blending styles and hand-me downs
to decorate an 850-square-foot, one-bedroom NYC rental.

A posting on the NYT web site led them to
interior designer Brendan Kwinter-Schwartz,
who helped the newlyweds achieve their goals without charging a fee.

The couple's initial budget was $2000,
but they increased it to $4000
to purchase a new, markedly discounted sofa.

In the end they spent $5175 on their renovation.

It's a really cute space now; both functional and stylish. However, in the price breakdown featured in the NYT online article the designer explains that she donated her services which "would have cost $10,000 for a project of this size and complexity".

I think I would pay $5175 to have my home decorated and designed by a professional...but $15,175? Um, not a snowball's chance in hell. What do you think?

Would you pay someone $10,000 to decorate your house?

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