Friday, November 20, 2009

Art: Donald Baechler Flowers

Do you love Donald Baechler?

he did the artwork featured in Monique Lhuillier's apartment

it's amazing, but like $18,000.
Speaking of Monique Lhuillier...
I almost wore this amazing dress to my own wedding,

but my mom talked me out of it saying it wasn't "bridal" enough.
Never let anyone talk you out of your wedding dress. *le sigh*
anyway back to the Donald, he's pretty swell. I'm pretty in love with his emo flowers

but I totally could never afford to own a Donald,
which is why I was ecsatic when I saw this

in Do It Yourself Magazine, I nearly died.
You just go here and print it out, then frame it.
Or if you want to keep it authentic looking, buy a canvas from a craft store,
cut the flower out from the background and paint the "open space" like a silhouette.


Don't forget to smear on some grey watercolor paint for authenticity!

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