Monday, October 19, 2009

In Response to the NYTimes

"...Instead of focusing on reasons why people would risk the transfer of multiple embryos, practicing sound journalism where she would interview numerous subjects and utilize their words to present the story, Saul jumps to conclusions: “patients are eager for children” and they want “to be successful on the first try.”

...Saul reveals her bias early on (as if she hasn’t already done so in the past with her other articles concerning infertility), calling it the “fertility industry,” a term used by others to greater impact because it is backed by ideas rather than used unsupported as a slur. We don’t call it the cancer industry, implying that people are being churned through like cans of creamed corn or automobile parts.

...At the end of the day, it comes down to money and overall health–physically and emotionally. Make treatments financially feasible and people would make different decisions. Create programs where embryo freezing is free for those who elect to transfer one embryo and you’d have more people take advantage of the program. Make future transfers free as well and you’d have incentive to lean towards eSET over multiple embryos, especially when drug intake in future cycles can be curbed."

full story HERE

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