Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What a debacle furnishing our home has been. We ordered the Restoration Hardware Shelter Arm Sofa in Natural Belgian Linen on August 12.

Last week we got a phone call saying the couch was delayed again. This was the third phone call of its kind. This time the couch would be delayed until the end of November. RH has a policy of guaranteed shipment within 45 to 60 days. Because we were already over 60 days past due they allowed us to cancel our order and get our money back.

Saturday we took a ride down to Rhinebeck to check out Hammertown Barn. Adorable little furniture store in a really cute town. I don't know why people love Hudson so much when Rhinebeck is so much prettier. But I digress.

Silhouette Artist, Clay Rice, was at the store so everything was very crowded and there were horrible little banshees darling children everywhere.

We finally settled on a new sofa and picked out a new fabric. We went with the Mira by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams in Graham Creme, which is a textured basketweave material.

It's almost the exact same couch when you look at it. Both shelter arms, both slipcovered. The MG+BW doesn't have a scatter back and it's only 88" versus the RH which is 96". Although I think the smaller size will be better for our living room anyway. Also the RH's linen material was machine washable and the MG+BW has to be dry cleaned.

I ordered a large swatch of the Graham Creme for $15 and I'm going to throw it in the washing machine and see what happens. Maybe dry clean is just a nice idea, but doesn't have to be our reality.

So the couch is ordered, again, and will be here in 4-6 weeks. Hopefully.

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