Thursday, September 3, 2009

stream of consciousness IVF post

In no particular order these are the events that transpired this week.

* we went to the IVF Orientation Class. Found out that the best way to control grand multiple pregnancies is to not use injectible drugs with IUI, but instead go straight to IVF. This is because injectibles hyperstimulate your ovaries and the doctor's office will trigger you (force you to ovulate) as long as there are no more than 4 mature follicles. Four mature follicles = four potential fertilized embryos = quadruplets assuming that none of the embryos divide. Can you say Jon and Kate + 8? Yup, that's how the sextuplets were created; through injectibles with IUI.

* we got our meds in for our first Letrozole (oral medication) IUI cycle.

* I got a BFN for this cycle, now I'm just waiting to bleed. I am not upset about this. After 16 cycles I am used to seeing one pink line when I pee on a pregnancy test. Joe is angry. But he's coping.

* I found out today when I was verifying my infertility insurance benefit coverage that everything within a cycle goes toward our $10K coverage limit. The financials coordinator at our RE's office is calling to follow up on this and verify this information.

* If this is true we've been advised to move straight to IVF and I would take my first birth control pill for IVF cycle #1 next week.

* Considering all of this craziness and our increasing frustration we're considering moving straight to IVF anyway. I already have my hCG shot and I will donate the Femara and the Prometrium to the doctor's office for someone who is paying for meds OOP.

I'll know what's going on with the insurance and what we're doing by next Wednesday.

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