Friday, September 18, 2009

Goal Setting, Part III: 2010

Now that we have opened the lines of communication, gotten our finances under control, and our house renovations are (almost) complete, we are finally able to focus on our lives.

One of my favorite quotes from the lululemon manifesto is

"Nature wants us to be mediocre because we have a greater chance to survive and reproduce. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is to the top."

Crazy, huh? I don't want to be 80 years old looking back on my life and saying "eh, it was just mediocre."

So with that in mind our goals for 2010 were relatively simple and life focused:

  1. go on two vacations and one staycation (you know where you just hang out at home and turn off your crackberry?)
  2. live more, enjoy our free time
  3. find one new activity to do locally on weekends we're home
  4. cook at home, together, at least three times per week
  5. be better friends, not just to each other but to our actual friends
Two of these goals were super important to me for the upcoming year. The first was our goal to live more and enjoy our free time. Joe and I work too darn much, I'm excited to set aside time for us to just enjoy life. So excited.

The other goal that was super important to me is to be better friends. Because of our crazy work schedules, and life in general, we tend to skip out on things for our friends because our free time is so limited. It's like we covet that time as "ours" and any impinging on that time is nothing more than an imposition. Sad, right? So we're vowing to do better.

And then there were, as there always will be, financial goals:
  1. continue to reduce spending
  2. pay off my student loan
  3. triple the amout in our emergency fund
If we are blessed enough to have a child next year, the plan is that I will leave my job to stay home and raise our family. I am so fortunate to have a husband who supports me not working. But in order to do so, we really have to set ourselves up to drop down to one income. 

We'll see how it goes. I'm just happy to have someone who wants to set goals with me in life, and someone who wants to make a determined effort to enjoy every moment we have.

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