Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gifts That Don't Suck, Part II

Reusable grocery bags. When I started working at my current company, my boss shamed me when I brought my lunch in a plastic grocery bag. I told him that we use the plastic bags over and over again, but that didn't matter. Then I told him the reason we don't use other bags is because I always forget them, and that they're too big and bulky.

That's when he told me about EnviroSax. A company that makes reusable bags that fold down into a teeny tiny bag. I leave them in my purse all the time, and I use them at the mall, at the grocery store, etc.

Love them. And we get SO many compliments on our bags at the grocery store. People literally stop and ask us where we got them.

Convenient and cute, could you ask for more?

Last year I gifted them to my mother in law, and this year Joe's coworkers are all getting a set for Christmas.

My favorite are the graphic series. And at $38 for a set of 5, these suckers won't set you back too much!

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