Friday, August 28, 2009

talk to me about...

J.Crew jeans.

In the spring I bought a pair of white, bootcut jeans from J.Crack and while I LOVE them fresh out of the dryer, after wearing them throughout the day they sag just about everywhere and I feel frumpy. I don't like frumpy.

I keep seeing adorable looks in their fall lookbook, including these jeans (below). But I'm hesitant to purchase pants from them again. In fact, just about everything I've ever bought from J.Crew (with the exception of a fabulous blazer) has not worn well over time (or washed well for that matter). It all stretches and lumps and bumps. And that's a lot of money to pay for bag lady chic.

So do you normally just purchase your J.C items one size smaller intentionally so that they will fit fabulously by the middle of the day? Or is there a secret to laundering them?

Help. I'm in love, but right now I'm headed to Bloomingdales to buy another pair of Habitual or 7FAMK's instead...

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