Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A lot of confusion

Yesterday’s appointment with a new (to us) RN Marla was interesting for a number of reasons. And to explain why it was so interesting, I should probably backtrack to our first appointment with Dana the PA at our RE’s office. When we were talking to Dana and going through our medical history and diagnosis (unexplained IF) she seemed to indicate that we could do a few IUIs and then if they weren’t successful I would have to have a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. If the lap surgery found signs of endo then I’d be moved to IVF. During this conversation she asked us about our insurance coverage and found that we have coverage for IVF and suddenly she was singing a very different tune. IVF became the only logical option we would choose. These were the reasons she gave:

• IVF circumvents the need for a laparoscopy down the road
• IVF has a lower cycle cancellation rate than IUI with injectibles
• IVF is fully covered by our insurance, so why not do it?
• IVF gives us a better chance of having a baby
• The results of IVF are better than IUI

We asked to take some time off to make our decision, and after a lot of soul searching decided that IVF probably was the best next step for us.

Fast forward to yesterday’s day 11 ultrasound and blood work where the THIRD nurse we’ve seen questioned the fact that we were moving straight to IVF with our diagnosis. If this is really the best course of action for us, then why is everyone so shocked when we say that’s our plan?

Joe and I are starting to wonder if we shouldn’t be taking things slower. Maybe it’s better if we try a few IUIs to start. I’m literally waiting for the IVF coordinator to call me back today. I’m scared and frustrated and running out of patience with my RE’s office. Why would the PA push IVF when the nurses don’t think that we should be that aggressive? Is this about the office’s statistics or is this about what’s really best for us?

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