Tuesday, August 18, 2009

buying our couch tomorrow

I'm too excited for words. Now it's decision time. The nice part about LEE is that you can customize any of their sofas. The bad part about ME is that I overthink things. This is the couch as it comes standard:

I really want a scatterback couch, like these - but Joe says we should just order the couch standard and buy our own euro/large size pillows to customize the couch instead. In a sense I kind of agree with him because then we have the option of having the two larger box pillows. But I know this is the look I want. In the end he'll probably win and I'll likely make my own pillows for the back of the couch. But it does seem easier to just order it like this already.
And I freaking love the coffee table in that picture. The closest I can find to it were these. But it may make more sense to go with a round fabric covered ottoman so I don't have to worry about glass and sharp edges once kiddos come into the mix.
{ PB Tanner Coffee Table } { C&B Pia Coffee Table }

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