Thursday, July 2, 2009

pulled the trigger

CD10, day of the big ultrasound. Spent an hour in the waiting room surrounded by pregnant women and newborns. There really should be a separate waiting room for those of us, well, waiting. You know?

I had over a dozen follies, but two monster ones in my left ovary measuring just over 19 and 21 mm. They were big enough to trigger in the office. The trigger was a giant pain in my ass, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Based on all that's transpired I'll ovulate sometime in the next 24-48 hours. I asked the ultrasound tech if she thought both of my large follies would release an egg or if one of them would die back. She said there's really no way of knowing that. Bummer. I'm not even digging for twins (although I'd take them), we were just hoping that we'd have a better chance of something growing in there if there was more than one egg available.

So now we hump and wait. And repeat as necessary. I've got my Midnight Oil CD on repeat rotation.

Mom will be here in 6 hours. Joe is in the back with a friend of ours building new paver stairs for our patio. It'll be a close call.

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