Friday, June 26, 2009

tell me about your

Wing Chairs. I'm stalking them. (wing chairs, not your wing chairs specifically). I sat in a pair that looked really pretty last night and boy were they uncomfortable. I know I want to have a pair of matching chairs. But I don't want them to just look pretty I want them to be cozy and smooshy and curl up with a good book and sit for hours comfortable. So do you have a pair of chairs in your home? Are they wing chairs? What do they look like? Do they have high backs or are they petite or do they have really rounded wings? Do they have carriage legs or queen anne style legs? Are they comfortable or are they just for aesthetics? Did you buy them new? Or did you buy them used and bring them back to life? Or did you decide after sitting in some wing chairs that you'd rather chew glass than sit on something like that for the next 20 years and decide to buy fan back, club style or slipper chairs instead? Okay 20 questions over. I have visions of grandeur, of taking a chair and bringing it back to life and making it spiffy again. But today I woke up and remembered how impatient I am.

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