Wednesday, June 17, 2009

breaking down

I broke down and bought this quilt in a twin from Pottery Barn even though I was annoyed that they don't carry the twin sizes in the store and the shipping and processing rates were astronomical. But whatever, it completes my guest room perfectly and the room is done. Well almost done. Kind of.

Then I broke down and called the pharmacy to see what kind of turn around time I needed for a fill on an Rx for Clomid and hCG, even though I think it's somewhat pessimistic of me to call about my next cycle when I still have 9 days left before AF. Again, whatever. Turns out it was a good idea to call ahead. hCG is on BACKORDER until the end of July. I would have to trigger in the middle of July, so I clearly need a plan B. And right now I'm just irritated all around that this path to motherhood is filled with so many potholes.

I'm waiting on a call from my doctor's office to find out what's next. I'm sure they'll just do a monitored Clomid cycle without the trigger instead. Whatever.

Did I say whatever yet today? I feel like I just need to be a duck with these things and let them roll of my back, so when I say whatever I'm not saying it in a valley girl, Rachel McAdams ala Mean Girls accent. I'm saying it as in whatever, que sara.

It's not really working yet, but I figure a few more years of yoga and whatevers and I'll be right on course to become a greasy little easy-going duck.

Back to my guest room. I just got in two sprout green ticking stripe euro shams scored off of ebay and I need to run down to PB and get pillow inserts.

Then I need to paint an old dresser that's been hiding out in my basement for the last year waiting to become a changing table in a nursery (i'm over it, 14 months I've waited to make it a changing table and I'll probably have to wait another 14 to use it. Whatever. It's going in the guest room).

I need to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and buy two king sized down pillows, which I have 574928567 coupons for thankfully. And lastly I need to score some more of my grandma's old paintings (painted by her, not bought by her) from my mom and hang them up and ta-da. Done.

Now I just need to find some guests.

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