Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Friday was awesome, we got a ton done around the house including the assembly of our new dining room table and chairs.

Saturday we headed down to the Lax Final Four in Foxboro, watched Syracuse deliver a shooting clinic against Duke. I almost felt bad for the Blue Devils, almost. I was all proud of myself for smuggling beer into the stadium in my stadium blanket, but then felt like a total jackass when I remembered that they don't sell beer at NCAA sponsored events and so there was no way I could drink it out in the open. Not to be deterred (or to exhibit any form of alcohol abuse) I took the beer into the bathroom with me (still in the blanket) and chugged them in the stall, ditching the cans in the maxi pad box. Klassy as ever. After the game we headed out to the parking lot for the tailgate. We drank Bud Light and I managed to last all day, I felt 19 all over again. Met up with a bunch of old friends/teammates of ours and was super excited to meet their wives and not be the only lax alumni wife there. Saw people I haven't seen in a decade, had lots of fun, did I mention we drank lots of beer? Good times.

We drove from Foxboro into the Boston to eat and the Summer Shack which is my favorite oyster bar in beantown. On the way back to the car after dinner I watched as my car drove down the street on the bed of a tow truck. I chased after the tow truck for 3 blocks. I caught up to the tow truck. I scared the shit out of the tow truck driver by pounding on his window and screaming THAT'S MY CAR. He didn't give me my car, but instead gave me a business card and sped off. Lovely. Apparently I parked in a residential neighborhood without a residential permit. What is that crap? This would only happen in Boston. Seriously.

$15 and 15 minutes later we arrived at the tow station beating my car/the driver there and earning ourselves $20 off of our towing cost. Um, score, I guess? $95 and 45 minutes later we were back in my car and driving when we noticed something stuck to the windshield. A stinking PARKING TICKET for $30. Which I am going to fight every step of the way, even if I have to drive back to Boston to go to court. The cop can't tow my car and give me a parking ticket, pick one. But you don't get both.

Sunday we drove back home, stopping in Lenox, Mass. to sit on 54286586 different Lee sofas, I'm enamored. We ate burritos at Hot Harry's (which is SO much better than Moe's) drove home and gardened our little heineys off. I managed to get all of my clay pots painted, I transplated 3 of my rose bushes and we remulched the front of the house. YAY.

Monday was another day filled with lacrosse and I had an excellent time playing Monkey in the Middle with Gracie who never tires of chasing lacrosse balls. I even managed to slide several times and beat her to the ball which is no small feat. I also learned to catch and shoot left handed. I'm nearly varsity-quality now. Gracie and Ike swam together while Joe and I finished off the remaining yard work.

This is Ike. Gracie is still skeptical about swimming with Ike. But decides it's probably okay to get in...
Then we watched Cuse nearly lose, but definitely win the Championship game.

Kenny Nims' amazing shot with :04 left on the clock. How he did that I have no idea. Loved every minute of Cody Jamieson's 100-yard dash after scoring the game winning goal against Cornell. Gotta love those res boys. Finished off the day with cereal for dinner, the Bachelorette and snuggles with the hubs.

An absolutely perfect weekend.

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