Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm on a reno rampage

I spent the better part of my morning dreaming up ways to "complete" our master bath. I can't really imagine the thought of a room actually being complete. However, this is a pretty comprehensive list of things to change and I think if we actually did these things I really may just be done *gasp*. So here's the mandatory list and the not-so-mandatory list of things I'd like to get done. Maybe we can even finish it before December? mandatory:

  • Inspired by many a magazine, I was finally able to convince J to remove the door from our linen closet and make it an open space when I showed him this exact renovation done by the fantastic couple over at This Young House. Thank you John and Sherry for finally helping me convince J that this needed to be done (even though you had no idea you were helping...I appreciate it!) Here's what I'm going for with this little project: Poor J doesn't know that I'm going to start it this weekend while he's out of town. I hope that I can surprise him with a finished beautiful linen closet when he gets home, although I forsee me crying in a heap of sheetrock and shelving by Sunday, wondering what I got myself into (HGTV I am not).
  • New faucet I found this stunner at Home Depot for just $59. Perfect.
  • New shower head and tub faucet for $124 at Home Depot -- not bad for the set.
  • New knobs and pulls for the vanity:
  • 42" Granite vanity top with sink bowl -- the price tag is what's selling me. Just $199 for granite in the bathroom. I can see our lux real estate listing now. Ahhh...
So for just $404.05 (including the granite!) the bathroom can be complete and look oh so lovely. One room down, six to go!

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