Friday, March 28, 2008

keep your business to yourself

So for a while now I've been considering going into business for myself and the more thought I've given to it the more I think it's something I should do. Considering that my "expertise", if you will, is in marketing, event planning, writing and editing, I am thinking that I should do something wherein I am a freelance marketer/writer/editor.

I know big companies hire and outsource their technical writing and editing to freelancers. The thing is that you have to have an "in" and a portfolio. So that's my goal. I plan on working here for about 2 years during which time I will develop my portfolio further. Somewhere in the next year I am going to take a few classes to develop myself a bit further in some areas that I think will help make me more niche and then start putting together a business by this time next year. I want to double dip for a year (so basically for all of 2009) so that I can continue to carry a solid paycheck while diversifying my portfolio with other clients done via freelance work, and then in 2010 I am going to completely transition to working on my own.

No matter how flexible a job is it will never be as flexible (or as gratifying) as working for yourself. Or at least that's my final verdict. Thinking of this job as a stepping stone toward my future career rather than as a place that I am stuck and need to make the best of has made all the difference for me this week. I guess, it goes to show you, no job -- no matter how good it sounds -- is perfect.

Speaking of work, I should get to actually doing some...

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