Tuesday, September 21, 2004

back to school

So I dropped my kid sister off at college this weekend. Nothing could really make me feel older than that (aside from my quarter of a century birthday looming next week...) I realized today that college (well, undergrad) is truly the best four years of one's life and that it truly sets the student up for disillusionment and utter shock (which often leads to failure). I mean life after college has it's benefits and all, but living off of the government or your parents money for four years where your only stressor is which pair of black pants or jeans to wear to the bar on Saturday nights or which house party looks cooler is really the best it can ever be. No stress, no responsibility. Need money? Take out a loan. Don't feel like going outside today? Skip class. Want to get drunk on a Wednesday...afternoon? Go ahead! What a way to go.

Vicki (my sister) called me up to tell me she went to her first party last night. Met a cute boy. God I miss undergrad. It sounds like she's having a riot out there. Thinking about rushing next semester, has already met a bunch of DG's and likes them, although she says they are "incredibly jappy, like, soooo jappy" which made me laugh. According to her they are the "really pretty rich girls but seem really fun." Ahhh, sorority life, is it different anywhere?!? My own sorority alma mater is huge at Ohio State - like the top house there - and I am not pushing for her involvement with the house but I have written a RIF just in case she seems interested. Which makes me feel funny in all sorts of ways. I never considered myself the legacy pushing type, especially considering I was kicked out of Pi Phi, but I guess I just want her to be happy, and I am willing to kiss some national pi phi ass to do it.

I hate grad school. I should have gone back for a second bachelors although with my degree I would have still had to go to get my masters eventually. So here I am hating life in grad school. My classes aren't so bad it is just the combination of class and work and this godforsaken assistantship that is killing me. I could do two out of the three with ease but the three combined is bordering on masochistic. I think that grad school should have a week off mid-semester in the fall too. Just like a "hey, you're doing great, take a load off, you are almost through" break. Nothing major, just a week to recover before finishing out the semester and end of year portfolios (because we don't have finals...)

Anyway speaking of school I still have 3 more chapters to read before class at 4 and I still have to teach spinning today and go into the office for a few hours to work on some community service opps. Yay! I will be home, hopefully around 10:30 at which point I will ignore Joe in an effort to put together my lesson plan for my first tutoring session tomorrow, which I am SO nervous about. I feel sick just thinking about it. So long, for now....

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