Wednesday, August 11, 2004


So there I was sleeping peacefully in bed, when Joe decides to come to sleep and wakes me up, by accident of course, except now I can't fall back asleep at all and I am just completely disgruntled. His boss, who I severely dislike, gave him a homework assignment in his normal tactless fashion. Which means he called Joe at 5:45 p.m. and said have this insurmountable project done by tomorrow. Then Joe worked in his office all evening and night and into the wee hour of the morning (hour because he only worked until 12:45) and as he sent drafts of his 'assignment' to this schmuck the guy continued to berate him via email telling him "he doesn't get this shit" or "you're missing the F*ing boat" or "my end's all done, just waiting on you". Needless to say this idiot isn't even Joe's "boss" he's just the only sales rep for the area and Joe is the only Field Clinical Rep for the area which means Joe works under this putz and services his accounts but they are a team not a man and his bitch. And of course me being as strong minded and flagrant languaged as I am have pointed this out many a time to no avail. Which probably doesn't help the situation, but it would be nice to have work be separate from life JUST ONCE. If we are out to dinner it is GUARANTEED that the phone will ring and it will be this moron wanting to talk business or tell Joe how he spent the day drunk on some golf course while Joe drove all over God's creation working. All the time mind you while we are trying to enjoy the little downtime we have. He wears a pager 24/7 which sits on his waist and a cell phone which is always in hand. He never stops working which means we never stop working. I can't tell you how many times this idiot calls in a day. Sometimes he even calls on a Friday night after 9 p.m. to talk business. We can't go more than 45 minutes away from Syracuse because Joe is always on call. And my favorite part of all this was the week we were moving the SECOND TIME (the first time I did it all by myself because he was away in training), actually the day before the movers were set to come here Joe got a call from this insipid asshole telling him to get in his car and head to Utica stat for a device check (his company develops and works with cardiologists to surgically implant cardiology devices). Needless to say the IA (insipid asshole) who lives in Utica, tells Joe he doesn't think he is going to make it to the case in time so Joe should get there ASAP - an hour drive from Syracuse. Joe arrives at the hospital and begins the implant when IA comes in in a polo shirt and golf shoes. Yes. He had my boyfriend drive from Syracuse to Utica and back for a 15 minute procedure because he wasn't sure he would be off of the golf course in time to make it to the doctor's office. Needless to say he took Joe away from moving into our apartment to golf. IA: "you should have told me I wouldn't have made you drive all the way here if I would have known you were moving today." Joe: "Yes you would have" IA: "Yeah, you are probably right" I HATE THIS MAN. And I hate that Joe is not big enough to stand up to this schmuck, until I yell at him enough that he does stand up for himself but only to shut me up I think. UGH. So this stupid homework assignment, which is really not all that useless but could have been done in a much more time conscious manner (e.g. his boss could have sat him down and given him all of this information rather than saying neener neener neener I know this and you don't...), made him come to bed at 12:46 a.m. after working on it for 7 hours. And his getting into bed caused me to be woken up. Which is causing me to rant on the frikkin internet at 1:30 in the morning rather than sleep. Thank you Guidant. Ugh!

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